We serve many people who, because of divorce, a death or illness have a poor credit rating, defaults or garnishee orders. We can help you if you find yourself in any of these situations.

'I settled my debts into one payment, and had some cash left for a weekend away. The consultants were sympathetic to my situation, as I was embarrassed for being blacklisted. The interest rate was reasonable and the monthly repayments I could afford.'

-Meagan, Port Elizabeth
'They got me money, so now I am able to study. They found a loan for me for no charge, no problem.'

-Nonyameko, Mamelodi
'I contacted LoanFinder SA, who, within 24 hours, found me a loan! I thought it was impossible, because I have a poor credit rating and am blacklisted. But LoanFinder SA made it work for me. I am so happy with their service.'

-Keshni, Durban
'Before 48 hours, I had a lender that they found for me who was willing to lend me money. I was treated like a queen. I can't thank them enough for what they and the lender did for me. I would have lost everything that I had worked and studied for in my life. Thank you.'

-Kathy B
'Thanks a mill. Maybe I will make use of U in the future as the service I received was excellent!'

-Lorraine Moller

We service many people just like you who because of divorce, a death or illness have received a poor credit rating. We can help you if you have defaults, garnishee orders or poor credit rating.

About Us

LoanFinder SA have been serving South Africans for over three years. We process more than 60 000 applications per year, which result in just over four billion rands worth of loan applications.

Our winning track record has rapidly made LoanFinder SA a leading name when searching for a loan. We have joined our free loan-finding service with our Legal and ID Assist and credit report, and this has become a favourite among our customers.

We only use reputable moneylenders/brokers who are, in their own right, leaders in the microfinance industry. These lenders will ensure that our customers are treated fairly throughout the application process.

Be sure to connect with us, as we would love to hear what you were able to achieve with your successful loan application, or about the outcome based on expert legal advice received from our Legal and ID Assist department.

3-in-1 Plan

Our 3-in-1 plan consists of a 24-month Legal and ID Assist, credit report and free loan-finding service. The cost for the plan is a once-off R395. The loan-finding service is offered to you upfront and the credit report is obtainable upon completion of the application, as there are no costs for these services. The Legal and ID Assist service activates once the fee has been paid.


Legal advice can prove very handy when you need it. Getting sound, legal help could assist you in knowing what to do to prevent imprisonment or paying expensive lawyer fees! Our Legal Assist service was created to address that very need, as many South Africans face trying, legal situations daily. Legal situations which may be difficult and challenging do occur, and usually when you least expect it.

Product Benefits:

General legal advice: legal advice with regard to criminal offences, fines, debts, contracts, divorce, maintenance and other legal advice.
Labour law advice: advice with regards to unfair labour practices, basic wages, annual leave, disciplinary hearings and other related labour advice.
Motor vehicle accident: unlawful removal of vehicle or towing of vehicle by unauthorised operators, vehicle damage repairs, injuries, third party claims and a message to the member’s family member, relative or contact person.
Road accident fund: advice as to when and how to lodge a claim against the Road Accident Fund and assistance with completing the relevant forms.
Attorney referral service: the member will be offered a free, initial 30-minute consultation, and if required, the attorney will draft one letter or make one telephone call to a third party. The member can then decide if he/she wants to continue with the referred attorney, but will be liable for the fee agreed upon between the attorney and him-/herself.
Standard legal documents: We will provide the member with the following should they need:
• A Divorce Kit;
• A Small Claims Kit;
• A Child Maintenance Kit;
• Domestic employment agreements;
• Lease agreements;
• Purchase and sale agreement;
• Last will and testament

Should the company determine that the matter is not of an urgent nature and can be resolved during normal office hours, the member may be required to call back later in order to be assisted.


ID Assist is a 24-hour, telephonic advice line manned by qualified and admitted attorneys, who offer preventative and remedial measures when identity fraud, loss or theft is experienced, in which case, ID Assist primarily assists the member in order to prevent any identity information or document from being used illegally. The support line puts the member in touch with relevant institutions or companies to block or stop cards or contracts. In addition, it facilitates replacement of IDs and related documentation such as drivers’ licences, etc.

Product Benefits:
Preventative service
Our legal advisor will assess the information provided by the member and advise him/her of the necessary steps to be taken.
We will provide the member with the telephone and fax numbers, as well as email or website addresses to contact a credit bureau, driver’s licence testing station, home affairs department or other related organisations that will be able to assist him/her.
We offer a fraud prevention kit (consisting of helpful advice, guidance and reporting templates).
The member will also be provided with a checklist via fax or email to enable him/her to record all steps taken and contacts made.
Remedial service
ID Assist will, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, also provide redress when identity information or documents have been used fraudulently by:
Providing the member with the following templates:
• fraudulent account notification template;
• notice of dispute of debit on existing account due to identity theft.;

Our Legal and ID Assist department is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year to all our LoanFinder SA clients. To apply, call us on 021-815-4600 or apply online to get started.


This is the newcomer to the LoanFinder SA family. We’ve had numerous requests to provide a service that would educate our customers on their financial/credit status. Therefore, we’ve partnered with XDS to bring you a full detailed credit report. The credit report is free and can be obtained when the application has been completed.

The credit report will give you a view of your credit status: your credit score, account payment history and additional information so that you can better understand your creditworthiness.

As an added benefit, we’ve included a new feature, our debt-defying education plan. This plan is a guide on how you can get out of financial difficulty and better manage your debt.

Contact Us

LoanFinder SA enjoy and encourage all feedback from users. Let us know what you think about our website, Legal and ID Assist service or credit report, or whether you think we can do something better.

Either call or write to us. We would like to hear from you.

Tel: 021-815-4600

Fax: 086-766-8465

Email: customercare@loanfindersa.co.za

Physical Address: 1 Willie van Schoor Ave, Bellville, 7530

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Unfortunately, we're not perfect! As per the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act of 2008, should you feel the need to lodge a complaint about the services we provide, kindly forward your complaint to customercare@loanfindersa.co.za. We strive to resolve all complaints within 72 hours from date of receipt...